Model + Paint

Modelling out the token booth for my VR experience “BUM.”

While, I don’t consider myself that great at modelling, I feel I get the idea across and am learning every time I make something new. Blender has proven to be a bit challenging, since I’m used to modelling with polys, and it constantly wants to convert things to n-gons. Still, I can see the merit in loop cuts and the knife tool – it’ll just take a bit to learn and implement effectively. It’s also helpful to be converting my old Truespace models over to Blender, and how my skills have improved.

What I do truly enjoy is the texture painting – a long time ago I got a copy of 3D Paint, and while it was very basic in its toolset, it did open my eyes to a new way of textureing 3D objects. I like to get my basic UV layout and color areas established in Blender, then pull my texture maps into Photoshop to work out details, then back into Blender for shadows, dirt and other bits of wear.

The UV maps, plus live preview of the texture in progress.
The UV maps, plus live preview of the texture in progress.

While my overall look is to emulate the classic NYC booth, I did need to make adjustments, since a seated character wouldn’t be visible to the player (since the player is sitting on the floor of the subway station) and eliminated some extra details such as a card swiper, as to avoid ‘dating’ my booth.

More WIP shots and in-engine pics to come.