Feeling Re-Vive-ed

So, all Dev work has ground to a halt with the arrival of my Vive.

I’ve been delighting in room tracking (even though my office is standing room only), I’ve been amazed at tracked controllers (now I REALLY want a VR version of Thief, after playing the Longbow demo in The Lab – being able to actually use a bow to shoot water arrows, or use a controller as a blackjack would be indescribably satisfying)

But, with my many an hour spent agog in VR, its hours less spent developing my own work. So, after dragging my feet a bit, I fired up Unity to see what I could do to convert my DK2 projects over to SteamVR.

Its a completely different way of doing things.

I completely broke all of my experiences and in the case of my BUM simulator, broke my level geometry and have to scrap and rebuild it all from scratch. Because I discovered something wonderful.

In the Steam VR examples is a IK scene, that allows your controllers to control virtual arms, attached like real arms would be in the virtual world:

Ye gods, if I incorporate that into my scene, you could shake your cup to rattle it! I am so excited this possibility exists  now the tricky part – figuring out HOW to make it work. My google-fu yields nothing – not any teases on how that got made or how I would adapt it to my character  and if I would have to rebuild my character from scratch, or simply rename parts of it…

On top of rebuilding everything else too…