Workin’ in a Coal Mine

Been a long month of no dev.

The missus went on a vacation with her family and I had charge of the two boys for 10 days, solo. As often as I say that being a SAHD is the toughest thing I’ve ever done – doing it by myself was even harder. My hat’s off to all single parents, you are doing a herculean task under the most trying of circumstances.

Add to the actual time the wife was gone, there was plenty of extra kid watching time as she was packing, researching side trips, getting paperwork in order, etc. That and Son #2 has been waking earlier- which cuts into my dev time, and my sister-in-law commissioned 3 paintings for her husband – well, maybe I can squeeze in 5 minutes of dev stuff here and there.

What I have been working on, is a potential “Half Life Stories: VR” game, something to experiment with and potentially something to try and convince my local dev group to try and push to finish and release.


I’ll most likely be seeing my folks in a week, so I can scour their photo collection for more bits to add to the “Shore Road VR” project – which has stalled because I have zero reference photos of the old back dining room and back porch, as well as the upstairs.

I’m also trying to soak up a ton of new knowledge, since I discovered my library grants full access to, and tons of Unity, Blender, Photoshop tutorials.

I just wish I had more time.

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