Demo nearing completion!

So, between furiously trying to finish the triptych for my Bro / Sis-in-laws, I’ve been furiously trying to get my demo level completed. Hearing that Steam is ending Greenlight,  I’ve got even greater incentive to get my Steam page up and running.

After showing off my level during a birthday party for my youngest (all the kids, and most of the adults know about my Vive and want to play in between cake and presents) and got tons of feedback. Its amazing how quickly a 9 year old can be a developers harshest critic. It also helps when people just ‘get’ the game – the mechanics, the milieu, the theme. One of the toughest aspects to grapple with is allowing the player to turn. Is it static and no turning; use a control to turn – like Google Earth VR where you can use the grip controls to spin the earth around? Or as another player suggested – only turn around when whatever ‘quest’ requires a different point of view?

tentative way I’m handling dialogue

Which leads into more questions: how do I guide my player? My son hasn’t been exactly forthcoming with sketch requests. On my demo, I’d love a simple sign at the start that directs the player to go and find the king… except my kids are just like me: stubborn as all get out.

I am taking the various photos of artwork and teasing out all the letters to upload to MyScriptFont, a site where you can generate a TTF font of your handwriting – I’m using it for a GUI during the ‘sock hunting quest’.

Many questions – little time for dev work.