Brace yourselves, Lent is Coming…

I had the good fortune to be interviewed about the game. I was cruising the Cleveland Game Dev posts on Facebook, and someone mentioned that the InfiniteGamer Podcast was a great way to get exposure. And Chris, from IG agreed. So I asked if he was interested in a game based on a 6 year old’s drawings.

He was.

So after a few emails, we agreed to interview in the office (after the wife & I furiously scrubbed the cobwebs and kid debris out of the corners!) and eagerly set up a build for him to demo.

(scroll down to Episode 30)

Chris wearing the Vive and being quite impressed with The Blu.

He was impressed with the Vive and loved the demo. Chris instantly got the idea of it and how kiddo’s drawings ultimately ‘make’ the game. Obviously a seasoned gamer, we launched into a discussion about the influences, how my son (who was sitting on my lap – playing ‘his’ game as we talked) is influenced by classics like Super Mario and Zelda and in turn how it shaped the drawings I was using for the demo.

We wrapped after a while and I got back to my routine. As I was making dinner, the wife reminded me that Lent was around the corner – and I decided alcohol had to go. I need to start losing the spare tire and the beer isn’t helping. That, and when I have booze and then go to bed – I snore more, and that keeps the wife up.

Plus I have more energy, which is good – the sis-in-law is having a Easter brunch – and I need to bear down and get her paintings done. I can’t focus on game dev without thinking about the paintings, and I can’t paint and not think about the game. So I have a month to finish them and then I can focus on more important things.

Like finishing the demo. Like getting my Steam page up and running. Like dealing with the kiddos, and the spate of ‘potty accidents’ we have been experiencing. Like getting the attic done.

Like whittling down my damn to-do list.

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