What next in the parade of constant interruptions?

After a weekend of weddings, in-law visits, suffering through a cold and sleeping in late, trying to get back into the day to day grind, I found myself frustrated that more work wasn’t getting done, now that the 3 paintings are done and delivered.

Its amazing how ‘regular’ life seeps into creative endeavors. The washing machine is leaking. We need to get the attic finished. Looking at Pre-K schools for #2 son. (as it is, I’m trying this out while searching for my kid’s gloves, its snowing out)

Having missed a few opportunities to rise early and dev work; I decided I need to get ONE thing done a day: make an asset, write down some ideas, scan some kiddo drawings, anything. And right on cue is when the problems start…

I wake at 5:35 – get coffee started while I tear through e-mail, Slack channels and social media. Upstairs to scan in a few drawings. I see one of a tree – which I desperately need more of in my levels. Just get to cutting it out and tracing it in Inkscape when I hear my eldest fussing – he had a mini accident. Get him on the potty, cleaned up, back to bed. Get my cutout into Blender, extrude and start making the texture map. Just about ready to export it when Blender crashes. And doesn’t make its regular backup file. And I hear the cat barfing downstairs. I love having a cat that pukes more than a frat boy on Spring Break. Clean that up. 2nd cup of coffee on the brew. Kid #1 not going back to sleep. And now waking up kid #2. Get them out of bed while searching my whole hard drive for a possible backup file.


Well, at least I can !@#$%^ing blog about it.



Having a cat who pukes more than a frat boy on spring break

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