My new intern! Please welcome A Little Cartoonie as part of the Booper team!

When I was exhibiting at GDEX, a college student was impressed with the game and very bluntly asked, “Do you need an intern?”

I wasn’t sure – DID I need an intern? In the blur that was the conference, I asked for a business card and said I would think about it. And of course, promptly forgot with the excitement of the expo and getting right back into the cyclone of daddy dev days (not to mention the added stress of getting our attic renovated and dealing with contractors)

During a frantic cleanup session, I came across the paperwork I had collected during GDEX. In it was a stack of business cards I had collected – and a flood of memories came back. Including an offer I had yet to think about. So, I dug into Cartoonie’s portfolio and was impressed. Good 3D modelling skills, draws waaaay better than I did when I was that age. Decent illustration chops.

So , I decided to see if that offer was still on the table.

After a bit of back and forth on Facebook, we quickly determined that this is a ‘for experience & portfolio pieces’ type internship – but as soon as I get any funding, I’ll pay for any work done. Right now its exciting because I offered a challenge:  make a 3D model out the drawing above and send me a model.

Well the model came back and its impressive – Cartoonie did a bang up job putting in details I would have ignored. And offered to texture it over the weekend. I’m impatiently waiting to see what comes back.

In the meantime, check out some work done by our newest member!


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