Ups & Downs

So, with the advent of SUMMER VACATION, I’ve been feeling a bit stressed as I realize: no more day hours in which to dev.

So if I wanna dev – gotta lose more sleep / get up earlier.

Not the sort of thing I find particularly cheery. It also seems in those dismal grey hours, when the only time I can squeeze in any work on the game – these are the exact days that kids seem to intuit my lack of dev time and fill it with early rising, diaper changes, nightmares and sudden needs of sippy cups as if somehow the 12 gallons they drank an hour aqo had zero effect on their thirst.

It was in this dark time that I saw a couple of glimmers of hope:

Come September – BOTH kids will be in school full time, 5 days a week / 6 hours a day. I just need to bear down and get through the summer. I also happened to see this little tidbit on the GDEX Facebook page: (click to enlarge)

I’m SO humbled that I was remembered!

And right after that – I saw a mention from the Cleveland Game Co-Op leader that mentioned me and my setup from last year:

and a nice shout out too!

I guess things aren’t as dismal as they seem.

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