Summertime, and the livin’ AIN’T easy

So, dev work has slowed to a  c r a w l  now that kiddos are out for summer break. Which means instead of having to drag them out of bed, throw something akin to clothing on them, forcing breakfast-like items into them and hustling them out the door, they now gleefully awaken at the first chirp of those psychotic birds every morning.

I kid you not, on Memorial Day, having stayed up late to watch Game 7 (and admittedly having an ale or 3 too many) I was greeted by the sounds of my youngest playing with some abomination of toys that chattered obnoxiously in the tune of a British Train.

At 5:50 in the damn AM.

No amount of coaxing, cajoling, pleading or offers to pay for cars, education, stupidly expensive toys could coax the wee lad back to his bed so I dragged him to the furthest part of the house slapped a tablet loaded with games in his hands and collapsed on a couch hoping we didn’t wake any of the others. Yeah, I suck as a parent but I was exhausted and could not think straight.

and its been like that since.

My dev time is in the early hours, when the household is asleep and the cat provides a fairly quiet wake-up service by jumping on my hear (or other sensitive parts) demanding food. I’ll fire up the coffee, check emails and guzzle a cup until I can think in a somewhat logical manner and plug away on my game until people need to get up and go to school or work. Until now. Now they CAN’T WAIT to leap out of bed and demand food, entertainment, attention, and an increasing need to square off against each other in ThunderDome style matches to see who can wake up people in the furthest county possible.

September can not get here soon enough.

Oculus tweeted this little teaser

And sure enough – I got a shipping notice with hints that I’d be getting one soon. Until I saw that its slated to be delivered in CALIFORNIA.

I just can’t get a break, it seems.

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