What’s in the box!?!?

June 5th, I get a spammy looking email saying that I have a fed-ex package scheduled to be delivered in 5 days.

For some reason, I just couldn’t quite relegate it to the ‘delete’ folder.  I did a bit of poking around and it looked like it originated from Oculus. Then other people in different dev forums said they were getting emails too. Then Oculus sent out a tease of a tweet:

Hmm. This could be interesting. I eagerly kept my eye on the tracking, waiting for the morning it said ‘On Vehicle For Delivery’ -at which point I would camp out on my front porch glider; old man style, yelling at kids to get off my lawn until the Fed Ex guy drove up and I’d start running around in circles like Calvin when he finally got his propeller beanie.

Except – that’s when I noticed it was being delivered to another state.

The address was correct, except – it was going to California.

I ran circles, except now it was in a panic. I scanned all over Oculus’ site to see if there was someone I could contact about this and see if something could be done. No one seemed to have any helpful advice on the forums, Slack channels or any other VR related site. Until I remembered an email I got asking about my t-shirt size.

I scanned through my email – I’m a digital packrat, terabytes of old data with multiple copies just lying around everywhere and my inbox is no different. And lo & behold – an Oculus email, with an actual person instead of a automated response. Frantically I fore off a message in hopes that some one can help.

their reply:

Oh my,

I’ll see what we can do on Monday AM with Fedex.
So with nervous anticipation,  I waited (expecting my box to look like it had been dragged through the jungle by the time I got it) and as the days ticked down, the Fed Ex updates slowly got closer to my hearth & home. And then it came.
looks like everything got here ok


I seriously felt like a kid opening the darn thing.

Have a nice whiskey that will go in this once the game is shipped

Each little bit was better than the last.

want to try and port my game to this

And now my next phase of dev work can begin. I’m hoping I can get my game ported to the Go so I can have 2 headsets running in Sept. when I make my way back to GDEX.

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