Warning: Crazy Week Ahead

So, I’m busy packing. Polishing my demo. Getting my PC exhibition worthy. Polishing my demo. Getting the house clean. Polishing screwing up my demo. Printing up biz cards. Reinstalling working version of my demo…

I’m leaving in a day to drive down to my bro-in-law’s house. Spend the night. Get up at an ungodly hour to get to the airport. Fly to San Jose for Oculus Connect 5 and be wowed with the 1st major hardware convention I’ve ever been to. I’ll be meeting people I’ve only ever shared the joy & heartache of VR dev’ing with online (as well as a hefty dose of snark) and I’ll have a chance to sit down with actual Oculus people to get their input on my game.

I’ll also get a chance to see some conferences on a bunch of topics that I’m hoping will help me in the year ahead. Now is the time to start actually making the game and I hope these lectures will provide the impetus to get me cranking on it.

The I fly back and get ready for GDEX.

I will have ONE day to turn it around and get back into my time zone, rest up, catch up with the world before I drive into Columbus to set up my booth (sharing it this year, curious about what its like to have more devs to chat with) and get into my ‘game show / boy scout / ever helpful salesman’ mode.

And have my family join me for #1 son’s 8th Birthday party. I’m hoping to bring him into GDEX for a bit, show off our game and take him on a tour for a bit. I think he’d dig it.