Two steps back; one forward

So, in deciding that my ice cream level just didn’t have any pacing or flow, I decided to try and sculpt one out in Medium real quick and test my ‘fail fast / fail often’ skills to see how quickly I could prototype a level.

And, from a VR / gameplay standpoint; it worked.

Except, when I pulled it into Unity, my framerate dropped into the kinetoscope zone. A quick check of the profiler showed my physics was going haywire and drawcalls were through the roof. I was stuck trying to figure it out – and getting sucked away more and more because we’re getting ready for a kid’s birthday party for our second son; who is turning six.

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On top of party prep – I got a missive from my sis, who said she might attend. This threw me into overdrive, because I could show off the VR re-creation of our childhood home; something I’ve been desperate for my family to try and see if it stirs the same feeling of ‘presence’ and nostalgia that it does for me.

But trying to upgrade from a Unity 5.x project to 2018 threw a $#!+ton of errors and I bailed because I saw a tweet about MakerX, which is coming up soon. And it hit me like a ton of bricks:

I’m not getting any serious work done on my demo.

So, back to my original design – enough messing around with stuff and let’s get it done.  The idea is to have a finished demo – release it into the wild and start working on the actual game. Enough. Too many distractions.

Perhaps I’ll be giving up social media for Lent.

windmills of my (kid’s) mind



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