Summertime Rolls

If nobody has ever said anything like this, allow me to be the first:

The biggest detriment to getting work done is the vacation.

There, Now you can quote me. Got back from a trip to Cancun with the missus over a week ago – and while it was lovely, relaxing, restful; I just can’t get back into the swing of working on my game.

Perhaps the time off has my mind & body yearning for a respite. Perhaps its now that we’re in full on summer vacation mode and I’ve got 2 kids, swim lessons, summer camp, social camp, torrential rainfall causing massive amounts of lawn growth, speech therapy, playdates and the desperate need to get my house cleaned and some on the table for dinner – might have something to do with my inability to get something done.

Trying to get even a bit of work done with kids around the house is like trying to brush your teeth while eating Oreos. If I sneak away to work on something; it becomes the most important thing e v e r that I come see the latest Lego creation my kid has made. Or they decide to start smacking each other with electrical cords.

home sweet home.

But – I’m slowly getting back into it – plucking away at a problem I had right before we left; I managed to get a car I had modeled out actually moving around the level and a few more buildings done:

Hopefully when I get a chance to look through the sketchbooks the kids had while on vacation they’ll have some more inspiring work in them.

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