An asset a day keeps the midsummer dev blues away

So, with my limited time (usually gotten by dragging myself out of bed early before anyone else wakes up) I’ve been trying to plug away at the first level by populating it with assets.

(Un)Fortunately for me, this is all I have time for.

Since the kids have been on summer break, I’ve been back to my old schedule of wake at 5:30am, coffee, email, biological functions (thanks, coffee), and work for an hour or so until tis time to wake up everyone for work/ summer camp/ speech therapy/ social camp/ swim lessons/ etc. Which entails dragging at least 2 people out of bed, ensuring they get dressed, make lunch for at least 2 of them, breakfast for all 3 of them all while dealing with a neurotic housecat that simultaneously wants to a) eat. b) be pet. c) go outside to kill things. All at once. And will meow like she’s Lassie lettimg me know that Timmy is in the well again AND the barn is on fire. At the same time.

So – I plug away, making assets as a way to keep moving forward and slowly adding them to my opening scene. Its gottent ot he point where I have to either repeat some of the building I have, or bribe my kids into drawing new ones with juice boxes & snacky bars.

In an effort to help speed up my dev process, I tried using a ‘prefab brush’ I had downloaded as a way to quickly place assets in my scene – like flowers or trees, any sort of element that placing by hand would take waaaay to long with my limited attention. After struggling with the download (either my download was so old as to not work – or my version of Unity was) I ended up on the Asset Store and I found this inexpensive gem.

Its been an absolute steal at the price, and being able to mix and match prefabs, randomly size and rotate and save these brushes as a preset is exactly what I need – the biggest problem is I want to go back to my old demo and paint the $#!+ outta it now…

windmills of my (kid’s) mind