Getting my act together

So, after looking at what the hive mind is doing on #100daysofgamedev – I’ve been re-evaluating my random, throw crap at the wall approach to working on my game and decided that its not pushing me in all the directions I need to go. I’m lacking in organization and need some serious scheduling to keep me on track and focusing on ALL aspects of making a game.

Including the stuff I think sucks.

After watching this incredible GDC lecture:

I immediately realized that I was sorely behind in several key areas of both development and marketing myself and my game. I really should watch that video each and every morning over my 1st cup o’ coffee…

So, I decided something needed to be done. Something a little more concrete than just using my tablet monitor for Microsoft Whiteboard (which has been a handy place to jot notes) and have something physical; staring me in the face to remind me of what still needs to be done, AND force myself to work on those aspects I had been neglecting. So – I found an old corkboard down in the basement and hung it adjacent to my desk; I marked out 7 sections representing the days of the week and marked them as such:

  • MARKETING MONDAY – research shows / money / opportunities to apply to.
  • TECH TUESDAY – make backups / clean project / optimize game, assets, FSMs
  • WRITING WEDNESDAY – write blogposts, applications for opportunites
  • TEXTURE THURSDAY – make assets / levels for the game
  • FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY – whatever I damn well want to do
  • SCREENSHOT SATURDAY – capture images / video / gifs for Wed. posts and Sat. sharing online
  • SUNDAY – Day ‘o Rest. Work if I want to; don’t stress if I don’t

In addition to the aforementioned useful stuff – I found this really cool link to a LucasArts Room Design document and immediately grabbed a blank one to start with my ‘mapping out my game’ ideas, a quick way to organize and get all the ideas together in one spot.

I’m hoping that as long as I dedicate at least ONE hour towards these tasks per designated day; I’ll start to see progress in the areas I feel I’m lagging behind in. Time will tell.

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