Licensed to ill

SO… dev work was severely impacted by everyone in the house getting a 24 hour stomach bug.

It started Saturday night with my youngest getting sick all over our brand new couch after we went to our local town’s Xmas parade / tree lighting ceremony. I figured too much candy passed out at the parade coupled with a poorly eaten dinner as I cleaned up the mess. This was further solidified (in my mind) by the fact he seemed fine the next day and showed no signs of upset tummy.

Until the wife and I woke up the next day feeling crappy and nauseous. Yay. I somehow got the kids to school when the wife called and said she wasn’t doing well at work and was coming home. So, instead of #MarketingMonday it became, #takecareofsickwifewhileIfeellikecrap day.

And then my eldest got sick in the middle of the night.

So, #TechTuesday went down the toilet as well as I had to take care of a kid out from school, while still getting a wife and youngest child out the door to their routines.

Still – I tried my best to make sure I had no ‘zero progress’ days, so when the family was resting I cleaned out unused assets from my demo and added some effects to the game, like figuring out why my bee didn’t buzz when the player came near (the collider was incredibly small):

So, my #WritingWednesday will be briefer than most – as I attempt to play catch up and make some of my lost time not sting as much as it could.

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