Gearing up

Have big things coming – and a LOT to do to get ready for them…

First up: MakerX – Feb.29th in Columbus. – I’ve ordered a banner to add to my marketing arsenal; and with some massive tinkering, was able to piece together a bunch of screenshots to get a decent sized image worthy of print:

not the best photo, my 9 year old shot it, badly

MakerX is a fun exhibition – since its populated by geeks of all flavors, it has a different vibe than the pure gaming energy of GDEX. Its also more family oriented, since it’s a free event, so I get to demo to a lot more younger kids; my ideal audience. I also get a lot of educators, so there’s always a lot of good energy discussion about new technologies and teaching methods.

My biggest fans, they came back 3 times to play it! I was so stoked!

After MakerX, I’ll have just a few scant days to get my application into the FedEx Small Business Grant – hopefully one of the prizes will help fund my next phase in development; hiring peolple smarter than me to get the game finished.

One of the key selling point in the application process is the ‘sales pitch video’ – a summary of what I’m doing and how I’ll use the help (and money!) if I win – this is what I have so far:
ye gods I hate my voice

After that… I have a radio interview with the
Awesome Foundation, BBC Radio Hour – and I’m itching to be interviewed about my game – and the best part is that I’ll be able to invite listeners to an open demo session that will happen the week later.. but I’m not allowed to talk about that until next week…

I can’t wait to tell everyone!

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