Good Vibrations

So, in this time of quarantining, home schooling, feeding a constantly hungry family, cleaning a messy house that no one ever leaves, laundry, day drinking, naps and now being able to resume gaming (that I gave up for Lent) – I’ve found returning to game development to be difficult.

Its almost as if I have too much on my plate.

But, hey – I’m getting a lot of painting done in the meantime.

What got me slowly churning back towards dev work was the Unity Asset Store sale – I saw an asset that controls haptic feedback for controllers, and thought to myself, ‘I’ve always wanted that in my game!’

So I bought it – tried adding it my demo – had it turn into an abysmal failure and now I’m trying to get everything working in 2019. I’m feeling a huge need to upgrade my project to get the things I want working – including the aforementioned haptics, and a glow asset that seemed to just stop working in 2017.4

ahh – the joys of figuring out what went wrong…

And, of course, the upgrade curve presents its own challenges.

Text mesh Pro seems to require a shamanistic, voodoo-esque ceremony to get working after an upgrade. Thanks Unity, for packaging a converter app to make it work, guess it was easier than just ‘making it work automatically’ when you upgrade your project.

Now I have to figure out how to have my TMP assets not have my Anima 2D assets show through them. Guess I’m back in the dev game.