100 Days (more like 262)

So, I finally finished the #100daysofgamedev challenge. Per the rules:

Each day you do some game dev, just post your update. If you miss a day, don’t post an update. When you start up again, continue from where you left off. Simple as that! You’ll get the badge whenever you finish the milestone. So it may take you 40 days to complete 30 days of game dev – that’s fine! Still a success


For those who want to go for a streak, by all means! You can challenge yourself as much as you choose to. I’ve updated the #guidelines to reflect this new change.

So – I started on Sept. 28th; and obviously did not post every single day. Some days I forgot. Some days I got called away before I could even post a progress update. Some days the entire world went to hell in a handbasket and I took a couple of depressed months away from working on my game – bound by duty to first care for my family during a pandemic; while the wife worked from home, I tended to the wee lads and their home schooled quarantine education while providing semi-nutritious meals for all and cleaning up after my cat with a sensitive stomach.

I was seriously crushed that right after showing my game at MakerX, and I was neck deep in prep for both a radio interview, a big push for fundraising / grant research and getting my demo polished for the Cleveland Int’l Film Festival that all of it got… cancelled.

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I stopped working for weeks.

I just didn’t have the energy to look at anything other than the constant stream of news about the virus. Corrupt government. Murder hornets. The Mayans were off about 2012 and its really supposed to be 2020.

I played a LOT of Stardew Valley.

…and not the awesome 80’s band. Image courtesy of Pixabay

I started back after seeing an Asset Store Sale and picking up a haptic feedback asset. And started looking at dev discord channels again. And seeing the #100daysofgamedev challenge.

I had been languishing in the 60 day mark for months. Time to remedy that. Taking a page from the dev who made ‘The First Tree’- I decided to have zero sum day – something must be worked on the game, even if it was just tweaking a texture. And I did it the next day. And the next.

And now – here I am, finally finished my #100days – the workd has changed since I started. I’ve changed. And I am still working on my game.