Wrambling writing wednesday

Back before the world came to a halt, I had set up a cork board with ‘big picture’ reminders, namely a weekly organizer so I didn’t let any aspect of dev work slip without giving it some attention.

I had:

  • Marketing Monday – make some attempt at promoting my game
  • Tech Tuesday – make backups, clean and organize my projects
  • Writing Wednesday – blog, write marketing materials, grant proposals
  • Texture Thursday – create assets and art
  • Free-for-all-Friday – which I’m now considering changing to Followup Friday

When I woke up this morning, I saw my board and realized, I hadn’t written a blog post since JUNE, I felt it was high time to rectify that – even though I rarely get more than a glance or two (and most of my hits are bots and scrapers) I still feel its important to keep up with scribbling down hasty notes about my development journey – on the hopes that someone might find it useful.

The featured image is a book written by a friend of mine. I was totally flattered when he approached me to illustrate the cover. he wanted a ‘ Jules Feiffer’ styled loose sketch, and I did my best to deliver. I should be getting the paperback delivered tomorrow, it’ll have a honored spot on my bookshelf.

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