Season of thanks

With all that’s been going on in the world, its tough to see the high points with any clarity.

As its been pointed out, time is elastic. Its been a Groundhog’s Day year where every day seems to loop back into the next, yet somehow – here we are with the holidays upon us and facing a New Year, new administration; and with promising results from the big pharma industries, perhaps the promise of a return to normal.

My dev work had been slowed by a slew of marketing and promotional activities that seemed to hit all at once. The Youngstown Business Incubator announced a Virtual Pitch competition with a prize of $5000 and while my chances are slim, it was a great opportunity to see just how quickly I could mobilize a ‘get out the vote’ campaign of my own. I did daily reminders on my soc med accounts and got a lot of positive feedback from a few posts made on reddit.


Right on the heels of that, I got a comment on Twitter that blew me away:

woo hoo!

VR Trend saw a post where I mentioned my game and saw a gif and sent me that message – so suddenly I needed to put together a 300-500 word article, 5 images of my game and a logo. All for an issue that should be coming out next month.

Right on top of that, I got a reminder that Unity for Humanity was looking for pitch submissions and needed a pitch deck, budget AND a timeline – all of which I never had attempted before – so in addition to all my daily dadly duties, I was furiously researching / making / begging for crits on a pitch deck.

names hidden so they aren’t inundated with crit requests

AND on top of that – I get an email out of the blue asking if I wanted to be a part of the newest Big Indie Pitch. Which was happening in 4 days.

Sadly, I just had to turn down that one, as I had zero prep time for it – but the contact was understanding and very graciously offered me a guaranteed spot at the one in February; which I jumped on and now have a little time to practice both my demo skills (which I haven’t used since last February) and sharpen my pitch deck even further.

Now I just gotta wrap up my vertical slice for Oculus Launch Pad before then.

So, as I’m prepping my Thanksgiving dinner (gonna brine a duck here in a little bit) – I must say, I’m thankful for the opportunities even a pandemic will bring. I’m fortunate my family is safe, we’re all together, we haven’t driven each other nuts and there is a little brightness on the horizon. Even if in the meantime I have to rouse myself at 5:30 in the AM and setup a photo workshop in the basement, since the wife & kids have taken over my office:

I have 2400 pages of sketches to scan..

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