“La La La – I can’t hear you!’

After going through Demo Day for Launch Pad (and getting more than a little bummed about not getting a dev grant) I’ve decided to throw myself back into working on my game – which has been neglected for far too long. Marketing might not pay off immediately, but jumping into something created by my own 2 hands pays off now

Except when you try to work, your wife – who is also working from home – gets slammed with an absolute Suez Canal sized shipping container of work. I felt just as stuck as that boat. Can’t concentrate on tutorials with her constant zoom calls, can’t focus on what I’m working on because she often need beverages because she is non-stop talking all day long and I still have a house, decimated by two rampaging boys to clean up.

Not to mention the cat always wants food / attention / go outside.

I need to drown out the noise. I can’t focus otherwise

Hence- noise cancelling headphones. They’ve been a godsend when I just need to focus. I’ve been so distracted by things that any moment of quiet gives me the ability to get something done – which these days, is priceless.

The other big thing that was a boost, was the release of this book.

I had done an informal interview with Todd over Twitter – and initially he thought this would just be a blog entry. But then he’d ask a question. And then another. And I’d go off on tangents (a huge part of my chapter is focused on my time in NYC and post 9-11 life) – and suddenly he says that he’s making it into a book. And so he did.

Last year I was honored to illustrate the cover of a book – this year I have a whole chapter in one. Next year?? Either a whole book about me; or I gotta write one.

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