‘We ain’t got no innocence’

So, in a vain attempt to NOT use the cliched ‘School’s Out For Summer’ lyric, I just googled the song and picked one at random. Weird how a song written for anarchy and rebellion is now a trope for shows like The Simpsons.

So, yes – school is out until September- and after the year we just had, its feels like we just went back into lockdown with the wife working from home, kids bored out of their skulls and me running around dealing with 2 constantly hungry small people, a wife who needs tech support and a cat that wants nothing more than to be outside, going Rambo on every living thing she sees.

On a completely unrelated note; I just brewed 5 gallons of beer yesterday.

5 gallons of dunkleweizen, anyone?

So, I think with no immediate relief in sight- I may have to revert back to old habits; namely getting up at 5:30 in the AM if I want ANY shot of getting dev work done. And that is only achievable with the strictest of discipline, exercise, getting proper rest and avoiding sheer quantities of alcohol – like the 5 gallons of ale I just made.

I can use this time to get other things done – like how my compulsion to write out the entire plot of Booper longhand, can easily be worked on while the kids are bashing each other with Wii controllers or sitting outside with the cat as she patiently waits for the chipmunks to chase each other all over the back yard before she drops in like a certain cheery Jedi exclaiming, ‘Hello there!’

Waiting for lunch to arrive

Despite all these distractions – I am working. I’m looking at a way of using the player as a UI tool – so having Booper jump on a button to start the game – or jump in a hole to exit – I just need to work out the designs and how reactive it should be:

Guess I’ll ponder it while I’m out back, sweeping up the mulberries which stain my driveway a lovely deep shade of purple…