those who can, do. those who can’t, do podcasts

So as I count down the microseconds until the kids are back in school (and dreading that Delta variant will close everything up again) I’ve been doing a lot of interviews online lately.

First up:

I love the fireside chat format – especially when my energy plays off the person I’m talking to. I have to admit, I was super tired and had a couple of ales which carbo-wired me, so I feel like I came off as a totally spastic geek. I could feel myself collapse after this was over and the camera turned off.

The next one was neat because it was filmed *IN* VR! I was fortunate because this was my 3rd or 4th time in Spatial Ape and right up until this interview, I’d crash or overheat my Quest and have massive stuttering issues. Having got a new 5ghz router (hopefully) put these issues to rest, the interview went smoothly and because I was wearing a HMD, I wasn’t imbibing as much as the other interview.

Wish these were real. And I had a lot more of them.

The next one I can’t discuss much – I will say it was with a major VR platform and they offered me $75 Amazon credit to spout off about my half-assed approach to game dev and life in general. By far one of my faves, cause I got paid for it.

Lastly, a chat with 2 local fellas about being a stay at home dad. I did talk about the game a bit, but I also got to talk about things that affect and shape how my game was brought about, how its shaped and where it might be going. Its a podcast by two local dads, and it really touched me with a sense of community:

plus I got to relay the harrowing tale of my 2nd child’s birth, right on the steps to the kitchen:

If I ever get down about this past year – I shuold remind myself I’ve been published in a magazine, a book, more interviews than I can remember and in VR. Despite the life altering consequences of Covid-19, I’ve been able to get a lot done. And hopefully more is in the future.