Winning streak

#WritingWednesday and I just realized I hadn’t posted a blog in like, forever and seeking to rectify that.

So let’s show off, shall we?

I never had a badge before!

Working backwards – I just got into the finals of the Game Dev World Championship and I’m absolutely floored. Can NOT wait until March 15th to find out I didn’t win. but, hey – that’s just my pessimistic side speaking.

Over the Xmas break – I saw a FaceBook post from a local reporter, Taylor Bruck, who was asking for any ‘feel good’ stories and I rolled the dice and pitched my game, and to my delight, she accepted! She came out to the house, interviewed the kids and myself, shot some video and took a few pix and a few days later, it aired on Spectrum 1 News.

Screenshot of the Spectrum 1 news story
Lookit what I done won!

I also showed my game at the Cleveland Gaming Classic back in November and that was a fun one – partially because it didn’t require me to drive 2.5 hours to get there (plus the relief that if I forgot something, I didn’t have to pray that a nearby WalMart had what I needed and was open)

aww, taking after his dad!

it was also nice that I got to show the kids what I do, and what these type of conventions are like. Plus they got to play videogames (always a win) and see cool stuff like this:

Pretty sure he shot first

But it was also nice to branch out to a new expo, meet local people that are also in my dev community and see fellow parents and kids friends, it felt more informal and relaxed.

And hey – winning an award for Most Creative didn’t hurt either.

The other thing, besides the holidays, and kid’s off from school and epic deluges of snow and testing positive for Covid-19 and winter blahs is me deciding I needed to get off my butt and get a product ready to ship. If I’m seriously going to pursue funding, the people who write the checks are going to want to see a track record. And that means shipping titles. So I said to myself: ‘Self? What’s the quickest wat to publish a game? … @#$%^& – I gotta make a MOBILE GAME.’

gotta collect them in order to spell a word

So, since I have a crapton of assets ready to go – lets make this a franchise and ‘educational’ to boot. I had started with calling it ‘Booper Prelude’ but a gave dev friend and mentor suggested that I use ‘Go Booper Go!’ and it has a nice ring to it.

I also figure that when it comes expo time again, I can have a tablet running it and a QR code to the Play Store page so people can drop me a few bucks to help support the VR project as well. Gotta start thinking business stuff.