Booper Get Home! Press Kit

Ever wonder what the world would look like if it were imagined by a child? In this hand drawn puzzle adventure, you’ll be helping Booper, a small but super courageous adventurer. Together, you’ll take on his biggest challenge yet: finding a way home.

Booper, Get Home! is a 3rd person, platforming game based on my kid’s drawings. It centers around a kid on the autism spectrum (limited-verbal) who gets lost and has a grand adventure to find home and family. Art Style:

Since the developer is also a stay at home parent caring for 2 boys, the imagination of a child is a powerful lure for making a game. The landscape a kid navigates is filled with fantastical beings, heroes, wishes and the day to day stuff (including smelly socks!). The art style of a child begs to be animated and interacted with: it’s the end goal of any child’s creativity.

Trailers and Media:

One minute pitch:

Gameplay trailer:

Spectrum 1 news story:

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