Even though I tend to go to bed around 9:30, we set the alarm, streamed the Ball Drop – quick smooch and back to sleep…

Lots planned for this year – want to finish up my Subway VR experience and sell some paintings because there are some new toys I think I’ll need in the near future.


Plus there is a really cool video project I can’t discuss… just yet.

Getting the Band Back Together

by Thomas 'Fletcher' Kildren

So – after a many year hiatus, I’ve gotten back into sharing the journey of my wildly divergent, often hackneyed, sometimes rushed forays into making Art. It looks like my new environs aren’t as film intensive as NYC, but I’ve been encouraging the missus to work on her video editing as much as possible – perhaps soon she’ll need some VFX of kids wielding lightsabers or 50 gallons of fake blood…

As for me – it looks like gamedev is the direction I’m heading in. I find that the combination of 3D modelling and animation, combined with interactivity to be the most engaging thing I’ve done for a while. I also like adding in hand-painted elements such as texture maps, and I’m sure some of my ‘gritty urban landscapes’ will be featured in my game levels – or possibly become some game levels. I recently purchased an Oculus Rift Dev kit – and after playing around with it, I’m convinced VR is going to be huge, and I want in at the beginning.

I still am painting – I just wrapped up a painting for my (now) sister-in-law, who hired me to paint a landscape for a wedding present. Other people have made mention of wanting a painting or six, so my fine sable brushes aren’t being retired just yet.

It feels good to be getting back into creativity mode – glad you could join me for the ride.