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booper laughing and fist bump of triumph

Sometimes, asking for help is hard – especially when you’re lost and looking to find your way home. In ​Booper, Get Home!​ you’ll be offering a hand to a worried, but brave, adventurer as you seek a path back home.
Hand-drawn by the very child that first dreamed up the world of Booper, and with gameplay inspired by classic puzzle platformers, ​Booper, Come Home​ is a celebration of adventure, imagination and the stories we build together.
You’ll jump, hop and skip through a challenging platform adventure, solving puzzles and helping new friends along the way. With many quests to uncover a colorful world filled with fantastical creatures, ​Booper, Get Home!​ is a game designed for the young and the young at heart.
All​ ​ art in ​Booper, Get Home!​ has been created by a young boy on the autism spectrum, eager to create, together with his dad, a game full of heart and a drive for understanding.
Therefore, a portion of the profits will be going towards autism awareness. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have creating it.

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