Year of quarantine

The banner photo for this piece is from a year ago, when it was officially announced we’d be staying at home, the kids would stop going to school and we were all uncertain as to what the future might bring; so we neighbors all gathered for an impromptu beers and hang out session, enjoying just one last hang out.

(it wasn’t until I previewed it that I realized the image was posting upside down, but I thought I’d leave it as a way of illustrating what this past year has been like.)

This was the last of a crazy season of pitches, presentations and lectures, I’m thrilled to get a small amount of exposure across the pond, and it was a lot of fun. I credit my 11th grade Speech & Presentations teacher Mrs. Collins for my ability to keep my presentations on focus, clear and (hopefully) with a minimum of filler words.

It was also the first time I got paid for a speaking gig – could totally get behind having money thrown at me for spouting off to a captive audience. I think I’d do a monologue style like Spalding Gray:

Considering I’m probably not the best example case for how to be a solo dev, I think I could get more traction by telling amusing anecdotes about having a neurotic housecat or that time my kid projectile $#!+ on the curtains.

Or I could tell of the year of the pandemic; how I was set to be interviewed on the radio, or about to show my demo to the largest audience yet at the Cleveland Int’l Film Festival – and how having those things yanked away because of lockdowns just wrecked me. I went months not looking at my game, or doing anything other than doomscrolling social media and drinking more than I should have.

It wasn’t until September and getting into the Oculus launch Pad program that got me turned around and focused again, and I’ve been going at a decent clip since. Now that the vax is right around the corner and the kids are going back to school, maybe I can get back to cranking on my game with a little more regularity.

Or maybe spend more time with the wife who is working from home and taking more walks around the neighborhood…