Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

Its the 1st day of preschool for my youngest – I will have 3, count them, THREE glorious hours of no-kids. No, “daddy, daddy, daddy”, no spills, no sounds of destruction while I try and use the bathroom as quickly as I can – and I can FOCUS.

First up: getting my project to work with the Rift. Since GDEX is in 2 weeks, I’d like to be able to bring a HMD that I didn’t pay for, and has a built in audio solution, since Keith, the organizer of our shared space, has advised it will be noisy.

I also need to start getting promo materials together and find a way of handling signups – even if it is just a clipboard to take email addresses.

Fast forward a few hours later: just picked up kiddo as he excitedly told me about his morning – circle time, singing songs, making a paper cut out apple; all very fun and interesting. He asks about my day – so I tell him:

A) got Oculus support running – thanks to the ever useful VRTK, and a few of the associated tutorials, I was able to get a version working. Its separate from my Vive project, but after my recent adventures with computer problems, I don’t want a single thing going wrong with my projects. (Side note: as of a few weeks ago I am now a strict back-er upper) but being able to play-in-editor on my Rift gives me hope that I can have my build running before GDEX.

B) Massive amounts of house cleaning – my folks are visiting Sunday and getting both the house AND the office shipshape are of utmost importance. I want to show off my toys, the game and an old project: my childhood home, recreated in VR. I want to see their reactions so bad – if I’m lucky they’ll let me film it.

C) Getting my signage ready – I found a local printer that’ll make me a 20×30 poster on foamcore, plus another that will make some buttons. As I’m designing these, I realize I don’t have a legit website for the game – just this dev blog. So, in addition to everything else, I have to look into subdomains and how to set one up – as well as make a simple webpage.

As I’m telling kiddo all this, he’s starting to yawn and drift off to sleep – too much excitement and, frankly – to him, my day was pretty boring in comparison to his…

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