Commence Launch sequence

So, last week – as I’m busy planning a family camping trip with our neighbors; as sort of a ‘end of summer / welcome school & fall’ getaway, I get an email that kinda slammed the brakes on everything:

I totally forgot I applied to this!

This will be happening EXACTLY when we are supposed to be camping. Wife, 2 kids, Neighbors & their kids in the next campsite. Marshmallows over the fire. nature hikes.


So; after a brief conference with the missus, she decides that Launch Pad aside, she really wants to go camping (even if it is for just one night) and wants to give me a little free time so I can focus on this with no distraction.

I’ve been applying to this for the past 2 or 3 years; and OF COURSE I get it THIS year. Any other year, they would have flown me out to San Jose, free hotel, food, the works. I went out for Oculus Connect 5 a couple of years ago and it was simply amazing.

such a good time

OH well – I will certainly take what I can get.This is too much of an opportunity, even if it is from the comfort of my desk (thank goodness my wife grabbed a couple of the high tech industrial chairs from her office when they were throwing them away – my back feels SO much better)

Even more exciting is that Oculus is sending us all a Quest for further development work; and I have been desperately wanting one for the longest time. It’ll be a pain in the ass to wrangle my game onto it (as I have just the tiniest amount of Android dev experience) BUT – if I can get this to work and the world doesn’t end; demoing my game will be several measures easier, since I won’t have to lug around a whole PC, VR headset, speakers, etc. OR… I could bring BOTH and be able to demo even more; since I usually end up with a line in front of my booth… Hmm.

In the meantime.. I’m joining the Discord channel they set up and their online hub and chatting with people – I got to share info about the Playmaker Slack, nice to add to our ranks of ‘non-coders’ Now I just need to network my @$$ off to see if there is any grant $$ to be had out there…

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