Going Mobile

Since I’m pretty much dedicated to being a game dev; I’ve realized that its a HUGE undertaking that can’t be done by one man alone.

you spin me right round

Well. I *could* do it all myself, but my kids’d be graduating college and starting families of their own by the time I got anything finished. So I need ducats. Big time.

So, I started to pursue funding – except to no one’s surprise; people just don’t hand out checks to random people saying, ‘Go make yer dream game kid!’ Which is quite disappointing. Thinking to myself about ways to make money, I did come to the realization that if I’m ‘going’ to be a dev – how about sell your work?

early ideas on the mobile game

Since I already have characters / assets / framework already in place for a game I want to make – how about bang out a mobile game that I can get out quick?

Its something published; which funders want to see

It’s something using the same characters, so the start of a franchise.

I can tout it when I demo my game and people ask ‘how can I help?’ I can point them towards the mobile game for a quick purchase and it’ll amuse the kids on the car ride home AND keep the game in people’s minds.

And it avoids the failed KickStarter / Ko-fi / Patreon route that seems to doom a lot of indie devs.

So – may I present ‘Go, Booper, GO!’ – the first iteration of my mobile game:

Buy it when I release it, k?