only just added it (knockback force) and I get knocked into the stratosphere
and kiddo needs me
story of my (dev) life – just as progress might be made… interuption
forget everything I’m doing
come back later only to see fragements of what I was doing
try and piece it back toghether”

Straight dialogue copied from a conversation on the Playmaker Slack channel.

Since the ending of summer camp, I’ve been with both kiddos full time until the 21st of August. So instead of non-stop running around for summer camp, speech therapy, swim lessons, social camp and some weird need for my wife to visit with ever other 2nd cousin each weekend, I am now dealing with 2 boys (5 & 7) with too much energy, too little to do and an abundance of ‘irritate the $#~!+ outta daddy’ syndrome. It doesn’t help that the youngest has been repeatedly getting up at 6AM and thusly cutting into what little dev time I have.

Add to this pressure – Oculus sent an invite to Oculus Connect 5, pay for the conference, 2 nights hotel and a dev dinner. I just have to get there basically. Which means I NEED to have a tip-top demo that I can show off to the best in the VR biz and then fly home – turn around a day later – and drive to Columbus to show my game at GDEX again.

Which means every time I step near a computer, kids wake up from the deepest sleep, cats suddenly need to be petted like they are getting put to sleep in 5 minutes, every drinking and gaming buddy I’ve ever spent 5 minutes with seems to feel like its the most vital thing in the world to catch up.


In the meantime – I AM kinda, sorta plugging away at things – feel like the boss level isn’t going in the direction I want, and the wife isn’t the biggest fan of ‘fights’ in games – so I’m working on a racing challenge:

Get an ice cream cone back to a sad little girl before it melts.

Here is an initial test of the idea:

In addition to that – I’m thinking about adding achievements to the game, in the form of hidden objects:

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